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Escort Groups
Castle Class Ship Senior Officer's Ship
10th   Spey
12th   HMCS Skeena
14th   Fame, (see also B6), Havelock
15th   Dacres, Louis
17th Amberley Castle Cranstown
18th   Towy, Hesperus, Loch Shin
20th   Tortola, Tavy
22nd   Louis, Strade
23rd   Mountserrat
24th   Loch Katrine
25th   HMCS Orkney
28th   Towy
30th Castor Castle, Hurst Castle, Kenilworth Castle Pevensey Castle
30th Launceston Castle, Pevensey Castle  
30th Portchester Castle  
31st Allington Castle, Berkeley Castle Berkeley Castle
31st Carisbrooke Castle, Dumbarton Castle  
31st Hadleigh Castle, Lancaster Castle  
33rd Hurst Castle  
39th   Rochester
4th Allington Castle, Knaresborough Castle Fowey
65th Berkeley Castle, Carisbrooke Castle  
66th Dumbarton Castle, Hadleigh Castle  
7th Bamborough Castle, Farnham Castle Keppel, Whitherall, Cygnet, Lapwing, Woodstock
8th Amberley Castle, Knaresborough Castle Sweetbrier
9th   Beagle, Escapade, Walker, Westcott, Lark
9th   HMCS St John, HMCS Matane, Loch Alvie
B1 Tintagel Castle Tintagel Castle, Inman, Chelmer
B2 Flint Castle, Lancaster Castle, Oxford Castle Hesperus, Rushen Castle, Mourne
B2 Rushen Castle, Tunsberg Castle Vesper, Vanquisher, Highlander
B21 Flint Castle, Rushen Castle Rushen Castle, Hesperus
B22 Morpeth Castle, Oxford Castle Cotton
B23 Knaresborough Castle, Leeds Castle  
B3 Allington Castle, Hurst Castle Towy, Tintagel Castle, Exe
B3 Knaresborough Castle, Leeds Castle Antigua, Anguilla, Exe, Gardiner
B3 Tintagel Castle  
B4 Kenilworth Castle, Launceston Castle Helmsdale, Highlander
B4 Morpeth Castle, Pevensey Castle  
B4 Portchester Castle  
B5 Bamborough Castle, Berkeley Castle Antigua, Vimy, Exe, Coldstream, Exe
B5 Carisbrooke Castle, Dumbarton Castle  
B5 Hadleigh Castle  
B6 Tunsberg Castle Fame
B7   Vansittart, Havcelock, Versitile, Vidette
B7   Chelmer
C1 Arnprior, Orangeville Chebogue, Royal Mount, Haliowel
C1   Chambly, HMCS Fredericton, HMCS New Glasgow
C2 Kincardine, Tillsonburg Longwell, Capilano
C3 St. Thomas St Thomas, HMCS Sackatchewan, Kokanee, Prince Rupert
C4 Bowmanville, Petrola Runnymede, Wentworth, Hotspur, Sapper
C5 Ainwick Castle, Copper Cliff, Hespeler Dunver, Runnymede, St Stephen, Northern Wave
C5 Huntsville, Tillsonburg  
C6 Berkeley Castle East View
C6 Tillsanburg, Copper Cliff  
C7   Lanark, Cap de le Madeleine
C8   Stonetown
Liverpool Pool Amberley Castle  
Unall Denbigh Castle  
Unall Leeside  
Unall Humberstone  
Unall Hedingham Castle  

Source:- Public Record Office Files ADM 187 Series (Pink List) & ADM 217 Series Western Approaches Station Records
(a) Unall = Un-allocated.
(b) Escort Groups without clear evidence of inclusion of Castle Class Corvettes, have also been included on the off chance that members memories may be jogged that their ship was for a short while a member of one or more of those Groups.