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This page has been created with assistance from the Flower Class Corvette Association (see the links page) and sincere thanks are due to them.

If you can add a book to our list we would be grateful if you would email the details to us (see the contact page). Thanks.

Title Author ISBN ( or Contact )
Castle Class Corvettes Norman Goodwin and Steve Bush 1904459277
The Arctic Convoys 1941-1945 Richard Woodman 0-71955-079-3
The Corvette Navy James B Lamb ISBN: 0708815960
On The Triangle Run James B Lamb 0-00217-909-1
Relentless Pursuit Cdr. D.E.G.Wemyss New England Library
Corvette and Submarine Max Sheen 0-64609-171-9
Warship Perspective John Lambert 1999 WR Press Inc. New York
Man 'O War. 7 Corvettes A.Preston, A.Raven 0-85368-559-2
Convoys to Russia Ruegg & Arnold 0-90561-766-5
Warship Losses WW11 David Brown 0-85368-802-8
Warships WW11 Lenton & Colledge 0-71100-403-X
Canada's Flowers 1939-1945 T.G.Lynch 0-92085-215-7
Convoy Kaplan Currie 1-85410-679-1
The Cruel Sea Nicholas Monsarrat ISBN: 0140011218
The Hand Me Down Ships K.Reed 0-95223-870-5
Battle of the Atlantic : The Corvette Crews Chris Howard Bailey 1-55750-735-1
Escort : The Battle of the Atlantic Rayner ISBN: 0860070166
Happy In My Hammock Stan Curtis ASIN: B001AI1GOK
Battle Of The Atlantic Donald Macintyre 0-72780-037-X
Fish For The Sky, Flower For The Sea F. Kellett 0-95268-080-7
Convoy : Drama In Artic Waters P. Kemp 1-86019-969-0
Not Really What You'd Call A War N. Hampson 1-87032-538-9
Nightmare Convoy Lund and Ludham 0-572-01452-X
The Battle of The atlantic BBC: Richard Woodman 0-719-55079-3
But No Brass Funnel Capt.D.Stewart (Whittles) Tel :- +44 (0)1593 741240
Three Corvettes Nicholas Monsarratt 0-304-35444-9
Upon Dark Waters R.Radcliffe 0-316-72610-9
Janes Naval History WWII B.Ireland 0-004-72143-8
Tribute To A Flower HMS Bryony 1942 Ron Horabin. 62A Picton Avenue, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 5DW
The Road to Russia, Arctic Convoys 1942 Bernard Edwards 0-850-52898-4
With a Flower upon the Ocean E.T.Wilkins (HMS Columbine) 1-901-23144-5
Santa Marija Corvette Jim Fowler Tel :- +44 (0) 2380 863664
A book about the rescue of some crew from HMS Goodall by HMS Honeysuckle   Arcturus Press
01406 423971
Corvettes Canada. Convoy veterans of WW11 tell their true Stories. Mac Johnston. ISBNo. 0-07-551381-0
The Lower Deck; The Memoirs of a Wartime Sailor Bill Perry Assoc Pub Co, 398 Lampson St., Victoria, BC, V9A 5Y8, CANADA
Trust Me - Im An Old Sailor Reg Osborn (HMS Hyderabad) Banyan Books: 55 Norbury Hill: London SW16 3LA.
The Echo of a Fighting Flower Peter Coy
The Flower of Arnold (HMS Pennywort) John A. Ward 01159 265627
Last Run Ashore John Moger
Flower Class Corevettes John Lambert & Les Brown Pen & Sword Books Ltd, 47 Church St, Barnsley, S.Yorks, S70 2AS
The Cruel Sea Retold Bernard Edwards ISBN. 978 1 84415 863.8

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