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About us
The Castle Class Corvette (Frigate) Association was founded in 1989 with the object of keeping alive the memory of these unique vessels and the comradeship of the crews. As there were many members who served in Flower Class vessels there was some dialogue about making a Corvette Association which would combine the two but, in the end, it was felt better to keep them separate.

The Association is a small but active group currently with just under 300 members. We produce a newsletter, Ship's Log, which is well subscribed with articles from members about service, items of interest and news of events and happenings linked to the Royal Navy. We commission items with the Association badge for sale to members, which are popular. One of our aims is to document the history of the Castles using the memories and personal photographs of those who served aboard. Our Archivist is gatherings material for this purpose. Above all we foster the comradeship of those who served both in war and peace.

The highlight of our social calendar is the Reunion of members, which is usually held in September and spans a weekend. Old comrades meet and friendships are formed or renewed. It is at the Reunion that the business of the Association takes place and Officers are elected for the following year - Chairman, Secretary,Treasurer, Archivist, Membership Secretary/Editor of Ship's Log.

For further information concerning the Castle Class Corvette (Frigate) Association please contact: Mike Biffen, CCCA Secretary, 81 Beakes Road, Smethwick, West Midlands, B67 5RS, United Kingdom     (Telephone: UK-0121-429-3895)